Install tomcat 8.5.53 on Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu´s official release of tomcat8 is 8.5.39-1ubuntu1~18.04.3

I decided that we need up to date release of apache tomcat 8.5 on Ubuntu 18.04 so i have created PPA repo for that.

First add the repo

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ttyrnpuu/tomcat
sudo apt-get update

Then you can install it or upgrade it.

apt-get install tomcat8 -y or apt-get upgrade -y

With the latest tomcat version 8.5.53 there are few things you should know.

It´s a good idea to add your context.xml the following:


It is very important to note that with the version of tomcat 8.5.51 and onwards under the AJP connector block the port listens by default to So if you are using cluster solution or reverse proxy via another server it is required for you to set


It´s also important to know that under AJP connector port you need to either set secret variable ot use secretRequired="false" approach. Documenation –